Old Whaling Co Bar Soaps

All bars are hand cut to 1-1/8" thick + vary slightly between 5-5.5oz. These are generously sized bars. Each of these handmade soaps will leave your skin feeling clean, soft + hydrated. Safe + nourishing to use head to toe. All bars are made with saponified oils of coconut, olive + soybean. Palm oil free.

Keep in mind bar soap will last much longer if kept dry between uses. It's helpful to place on a soap dish between uses.

Scent Profiles

Spearmint + Eucalyptus: This cool, refreshing bar will leave you feeling energized and refreshed! It is scented with an essential + fragrance oil blend of spearmint and eucalyptus-- uplifting scents used in aromatherapy to treat depression, anxiety and to calm mind and body. An Old Whaling Co. year-round best seller! Both men and women love this scent.

Seaweed + Sea Salt: Made with kelp powder + granules. Fresh, beachy aroma of sea spray, jasmine, warm sand + mandarin. 

Sea La Vie: A sweet smelling nautical scent. Ripe citrus, sea salt, morning dew and fresh florals. 


Type: Apothecary

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